Man, I am super hyped about this October and is really keeping me inspired and creative. I've kept up with each official prompt of the year, which is far more than what I've done the past two "Inktobers". I've also been doing a lot more sketches and doodles in my sketchbook lately, which gets my creative juices flowing. If you are an artist and want don't know what "inktober" is, go to to see what it's all about and the rules and prompts. Some prompts are very obscure, but it's fun to think how to twist that into making it funny, scary, dramatic, sad or anything in between. I posted my first 4 previously, but now it's October 9th so here I am all caught up. The words I was to interpret are "Blade", "rodent", "fancy", "teeth" and "throw". Tomorrow's word is "Hope". How I'm going to interpret that with a visual, I have no idea. That is the challenge of it. all. The rest of my drawings can also be seen on my instagram: @itkirk . Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay creative out there!

© Ian Kirkpatrick